Monday, October 13, 2008

Bombay Time- The Review

I am finished reading my second novel written by Thrity Umrigar, and boy, what a novel. The story in itself is a montage of short stories, each chapter describing a different character. The complexity of human psyche and the influence of social circumstances are beautifully depicted through the characters. It took me a long time to finish it (all the more because I am a slow reader), but it was worth every page turned.

For people interested, this is a story of a small Parsi community living in Bombay, the way they have led their lives, their idiosyncrasies, and so on. This is a collection of stories of ordinary people, people who have basked in the glory and learnt to live with the sorrows. No spoilers, but you may like giving this a try.

This is her second book I have read (review of first book is here), and though it is great to know about a community whose only representation for me has been a Parsi man wearing his traditional clothes standing amongst a Hindu priest, a Muslim, and a Sikh with the caption “We are Indians” in my social studies book, the general trend of always reading about the Parsi community can sometimes get a little monotonous. When you like the way someone writes, especially with all the vivid descriptions and the depth and detail that is so very typical of the writer, you don’t always want to read about a particular theme of writing. I would definitely like to explore some of the writer’s non-Parsi writings in the future.

If you have recently read a book you liked, do let me know. This is how we build our database and knowledge of books. Or anything for that matter.



Goli said...

"Daddy Long Legs", is one book that I have always loved. I read it long time back and can read it number of times. It is from Jean Webster.

Neha said...

ok, made a mental note to read the book described in your post!
finished reading 'a beautiful blue death' last week...made a very nice read.

crazy said...

I have read both "Space between us" and "Bombay time" and found them very interesting reads. I have "If today be sweet" by the same author waiting on my bookshelf. Some light reads I would suggest would be the shopaholic series. I have read 2 of them and loved them ..... fun and quick reads.

rt said...

You can read "diplomatic tales" by kiran doshi. Different style of writing..and different theme too ..gud read.