Monday, July 30, 2007

My Neighbor Again.

This time, he is out of the city visiting his newborn and his girlfriend. Hence I send him an email.

To: neighbor.
From: sunshine.

Dear neighbor,

I am shifting and I need to know what I should do with your laptop and mails. If you want, I can leave them with someone next door, or I can take them with me for the time being. Do let me know as soon as you can.

Seven days later, this was the reply I got.

To: sunshine.
From: neighbor.

Dear sunshine,

Sorry for delaying to respond. I just come back from vacation. By the way, CONGRATULATIONS ON YOUR ENGAGEMENT !!that's a great news!. If you don't mind, I would like to leave my laptop and mails with you. I will tell when I go back to home.
Engagement? I did not think I had mentioned to him anywhere in the mail that I was getting engaged. I mean I did not even know that I was engaged. All I asked him was to tell me what should I do with his laptop. Much as I tried, I was unable to make a connection between the two. I scratched my head and tried looking for a hidden meaning, perhaps an encrypted message. Maybe he was trying to tell me something important and all I had to do was decode the arrangement of the alphabets. Where was he vacationing? Did he land up in the underworld? I scratched my head and chin until the people around me in the bus suspected that I was suffering from dandruff problems and wasn't taking a bath regularly. Congratulations on being engaged? It was like telling him, I like to eat red apples, and he replying back, congratulations on being pregnant. There could still be some relation between red apples and pregnancy, but what had my moving out got to do with being engaged?
It took the great brains of G to finally decipher the not-so-encrypted-and-yet-so-subtle message hidden in that single line. Like the starting lines of Austen's Pride and Prejudice (It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a single man in possession of a large fortune must be in want of a wife), when a single girl in the city moves out, it is a universally acknowledged truth that she has acquired a boy friend and is moving in with him!
This logic explained a lot. Especially why he had taken a break from the school for 3 months and was diligently performing the duties of fatherhood. 
Oh, how it breaks my heart to clear his misconception now!


Lady Godiva said...

like SRK said in DDLJ, "bade bade sheheron me, aisi chhoti chhoti baatein hoti reheti hain". anyways, Congratulations for your Engagement ;-)

Tanvi said...

well......CONGRATULATIONS....for having decoded the not-so-encrypted-and-yet-so-subtle message.
But it's really strange how people think in limited directions....a girl shifting = engagement!
Now that you are 'shifting', hope you'll 'like eating red apples' soon.

Layon said...

Congratulations for your engagement from me too....hahahaha

simba said...

An english teacher would find him a well spring for "correct the english" excercises.

sunshine said...

lady gidiva- hehe.

tanvi- I wonder what else is coming from him.

layon- hehe.

simba- you couldn't imagine how bad his English is.

Shantanu said...

Ha ha! What would your blog be without the neighbour. Reminds me of Kramer sometimes (of Sienfield) :-D

Dh@v@! said...

he he he... thats funny

Perspective Inc said...

Lol!! Neighbors!!!

CM-Chap said...

Hey Congratz... By the way not for engagement but for decoding it.

Reeta Skeeter said...

LMAO! Nice post :d

Bharat Jhurani said...

hey.. nice post!! quite hilarious!!!

Me_wid_Myself said...

Belated Happy B'day sweety!! GOt the news frm Abhinav's Blog.

Tk care and God Bless !!

chait said...

Happy Birthday Sunshine!!
It was great to see abhi's post....tumhare birthday ke bahane sahii!!!

creepa said...

Engagement ki naa sahi..birthday ki badhaiyaan!!! :P

Hope you had a blast!!!

Ravemz said...

Happy B'day Shine !
Please atleast lemme know, how much belated am I to you on this wish !


sunshine said...

shantanu- hehe.

dh@v@l- :)

perspective inc- you can imagine my condition.

cm-chap :)

reeta skeeter- :) you are welcome.

bharat jhurani- I'm glad :)

me_wid_myself- woops !!! What has he been upto now? Thanks re.:)

chait, creepa, ravemz- thank you dear !!!:)