Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Jab They Met

They didn’t realize how much they wanted to see each other till they actually met each other. It is strange how you spend years without seeing someone, and then the last few minutes of wait become unbearable. So she settled with her bags and baggage in the airport lounge, neatly arranging her stuff, nervously combing her hair, and waiting in anticipation. She was a little nervous at the prospect of seeing him perhaps. It had been years after all.

She restlessly tapped her feet onto the ground in rhythm with the music playing in her ears. She wondered which gate he would enter from, if he will show up from the front of the lounge or from behind her. Thus she waited impatiently, looking here and there every few minutes and then looking at the watch.

And then he appeared. He simply stood there, smiling at her. For a moment, she thought that she was transfixed. Here she was looking at the person she has flown thousands of miles for. All her resolve of a courteous hi and a civil hand shake was soon shoved away. For the moment she saw him, she dropped her bags and baggage, running head on, like a weapon all set to hit her target. Seeing her and knowing her all these years, he opened his arms wide. When she was done running more than half the way, common sense prevailed and she started to realize some basic laws of physics she had learnt back in school. If she did not start to decelerate in time, she would soon hit her target head on, and so high would be the momentum (which is a product of mass and velocity by the way) that it could cause disastrous effects which were clumsy and far from elegant.

She slowed down just in time to hit right on to his chest, and the moment she did so, he engulfed her into his huge frame. They knew not how long they stood that way, hugging each other and breathing in each other’s scent while time stood still and nothing really mattered anymore. She stood on tiptoe to reach somewhat up to his height, and stood there with her eyes closed.

How have you been?

Good good.

I’ve missed you.

So have I.

How was the flight?

Tiring, as usual.

I’m glad you made it.

So am I.

So what are you listening to?

Some random music playing in my ears.


So are you gonna release me or are we gonna stand this way all day?

It is then that they both realized what a scene they made……

And they thought such events happened only in movies and in romantic novels…..



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Abhishek Khanna said...

this happens.. "jab they met" then such scenes are vry common

Rahul... in City of Dreamz said...

aaaaahhh... beautiful... just.. wonderful...

**misty eyed** thanks buddy!

GeekBeyondRedemption said...

The best fiction has some roots in reality. I wonder if you saw this or it happened to you ;-).

Now I have a back-story whenever I see those ads which have this plot-line, or those soppy Tom Hanks movies :o)

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arpana said...

err... not to spoil the mood or anything, I did the exact same thing , but to my dad, Sweet Lord in Heaven knows how hard and long I hugged him that day :) and how much I'd missed him ....

Ananya said...

how can u write sooooo welll....??
this is what happens every time I meet my husband...
beautifully put!

chakrapani said...

This was a nice read. I have something similar to this .. but its childish poetry..


Adios !