Sunday, November 04, 2007


Two Decembers ago:

I see sister hanging her socks on the Christmas eve, and suddenly have this irresistible urge to mock her.

I: Some people don’t grow up even when they are grown up.
Sister ignores me and continues to decorate the room.

I: Some people do not believe in science, rationale, and logic.
Sister ignores me further and continues to make her bed.

I: (YAWNS !!!) Some people still believe in Santa Claus at 18.
Sister ignores me.
I: Muhahahaha.
We drift off to sleep. And there in my sleep, I sense a scuffling of feet early morning. Must be dad watering the plants. I grab my blanket tighter and drift off to a deeper sleep. Suddenly, I am woken up by a shaking and deafening laughter.

Sister: Muhahahahahahaha………..
And there she takes out a 100 rupee bill from her socks.

Confused I: But !!!! (Scratching my head).

Sister: Some people believe in rationale and logic. They know that even when there is no Santa Claus, there are parents.

The expression on my face:



Vivek said...


Fattebaz Admin said...

you Got Flogger Award

mythalez said...

lol .. shows that it 'pays' to not act all grown up :P

KP said...

good one......:)sis is smart!!

The wanderer said...

ha ha! good one :)

Sameera said...

He he!Good one :)

Happy Diwali!

sunshine said...

vivek- :)

fattebaz admin- am honored.... gladly !!!

mythalez- I completely agree :)

kp- she is :)

the wanderer- :)

sameera- :) happy Diwali to you too....