Monday, September 03, 2007

My Best Investment This Summer.

It was great to feel the breeze on my face and get my hair flying wildly in all directions after so many years. Just hope that the weather remains warm for some more time now.



santm said...

It will rain (a lot) & it will cold to enjoy ride.

Rakhi said...

Oh wow Sunshine! :) the cycle looks cool!! My cycle got stolen about a year back and ever since, I've been planning to buy a new one. Sigh, grad student life -- you plan, and plan some more, but very seldom do they actually materialize. :) Great to see the bike.

sunshine said...

santm- Well, we will see when we come to it. Right now, it's all of the sun and sunshine.

Rakhi- Aww.. poor thing, I know how grad student life is, and don't worry, I am sure you'll have one soon.

Ravemz said...

Looks cool, trendy :)
I too bought one recently, I know it feels great.

sunshine said...

ravemz- :)