Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Hidden Treasures.

I was clearing up the table of a professor to make some lab space. This meant papers needed to be filed, files needed to be put neatly into cardboard boxes and put away someplace where they could be retrieved when needed. It took me longer than I anticipated, and I was covered with dust and grime. Anyway, a few hours of toil and aching muscles later, the files were put away, boxes shoved elsewhere and the place looked more in order. It is then that my eye caught on something. Something extremely mesmerizing that was hidden behind the files by the walls for God knows how long. I hesitated only a bit, wondering if it would be proper on my part to go and talk to the professor about this. I mean, I was not really eight anymore.

Debating, I finally went up to the professor and told him I had found this behind the files. I asked him if it was okay for me to take them home. The professor gave me a look of utter surprise, wondering if this was the right age of be excited about things like this. However, he gladly let me take them home. And every morning, I look at them mesmerized, wondering how different and yet how enthralling they look. For many, these are nothing more than few pieces of junk. For me, it is like a treasure hunt.

This is what I am talking about.



Chaos said...

:))).....errr kya hain yeh? i bet its a collection of those small small crazy balls that keep bounching up and down and dont stop....or are these different paperweights??? :))

But an awesome treasure nevertheless. he he he .

Kavi said...

marbles ! nostalgia..! I had a competition with the sun many years back. As to who beats down whom. The sun went down. Of course.

i still played with my marbles !

Di said...

i'd have done the same too..they are absolutely beautiful and can engage a bored eye for quite some time.. :)

Alapana said...

Kanche:) or the marbles,nostalgic,I competed with every guy of my lane and won all i could and day after day collected them and they have been my prized possession and then one day i realized i am grown up and had no time for marbles,the innocence left behind i walked into adulthood:) sad but then memories are always good to walk back to the place where it all started once:)

tetracyclops said...

hey u got playmates!
i was pathetic at them and i was literally scolded for playing with them when i was a kid!

u have urs, so start a league there! we used to have ours with rankings and all... i was 4th in a league of 4!

cliche said...

So when can we play with them?

CM-Chap said...

I wud have also done the same for sure..wow what colorful ones..hmm lucky ur.

Wanderer said...

wow... can I join you for a few moments of play time?

sunshine said...

chaos- these are those marbles out of a fizzing soda bottle :).

kavi- hehe... very amusing.

di- so true :).

alapana- I do not think that anyone is ever grown enough to not do what the heart desires.

tetracyclops- hehe playmates? Are you kidding me?

cliche- I was actually planning to bring them to your office someday.

cm-chap- hehe.

wanderer- Sure thing, kabhi bhi :).

Chaos said...

oh yes.....kanche.......i read kavi's comment and realised how out of shot i had been there.....never got to the play the game on the street myself......but always envied people with their accuracy in hitting them :))