Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Shitty Conversation.

Conversation with Ma and Grandma...

Hey mom. Hey Grandma. What's up? Got a missed call. Sorry I was in the bathroom.

Ma: Yeah, I guessed that your phone was elsewhere.

Uh, no. My phone was with me.

Ma: What? You carry your phone to the bathroom?

Yes of course. It’s just that I had the mp3 player plugged into my ears, so I didn’t hear the phone ringing. 

Ma: You carry the mp3 player to the restroom too?

Of course. But not everyday though. Most of the days when I have to go to the lab in the morning, I don’t get the time to listen to music this way. Usually, things are so rushed in the mornings that I have to grab a bite in the restroom itself.

Ma: Whattt !! You eat in the restroom too?

Only when I wake up late and have to hurry.

Ma: Unbelievable! Do you eat bananas and drink water and milk every day?

Yes of course!

Ma: Bathe in warm water, okay?

Sure, I do. Whenever I bathe, that is.

Ma: Now don’t tell me that you don’t bathe daily.

Well, US is a cold country you see. And a busy one as well. Weekends are the only times I get to take a bath in leisure.

Ma: Is there anything else? You take your personal belongings to the restroom, you eat in the restroom, and you do not bathe everyday. Do you sleep and do homework in the restroom too?

Grandma, from behind: Relax! She is just pulling your leg. 

You see, my grandma totally gets it. 



Dreamcatcher said...

Your last post was lovely. Makes me miss my grandmother. Isn't it amazing that people older than us have so much energy..

wacko said...

u hv a vc wid ur nani...dat itself describes how cool she mustb..:P

CM-Chap said...

simply awesome

~Nayan~ said...


Chaos said...

:))). But well, that interesting part of the conversation, i guess somewhere figures in any family conversation, bengali or no bengali.:D.Esp if you have small kids around, the one thing that arouses their interest more than anything else is well..........i keep my mouth shut. :D

Belated happy birthday to your naniji. and three cheers for her :)

Kavi said...


crazyBugga said...

:) :) nice... pleasant read...

Ruchika said...

That was a funny post :)

sunshine said...

dreamcatcher- hehe. thank you.

wacko- yeah, truw.

cm-chap- thank you.

nayan- :)

chaos- CAM and thank you. :)

kavi- :)

crazybugga- :)

ruchika- inspiration from Sholay.

chatduke said...

one truth though is about these public restrooms ... they are really "public" and the whole philisophy is different ... damnit ...

infact i don't like private bathrooms also with everything plugged in together ...

ME !!!