Monday, August 21, 2006

When Shopping With Dad- II.

Why is shopping with dad absolutely nightmarish?

Reason two- Because ignorance is bliss and he isn’t ignorant.

Most of the time, I prefer shopping on my own. However, there are things (like kitchenware, cosmetics and cotton socks) I have no idea about. It is then that I take mom along. Shopping with people who (like me) don’t have much idea about things is relatively simple. This is because they keep on experimenting all the time and don’t blame you if you have paid more than what you should have. However, there are people like dad, shopping with whom can be absolutely nightmarish. He will scrutinize every part of the article, trying to strike up a conversation with the salesman. Like recently I couldn’t decide between a pair of Reebok shoes and a pair of shoes from Nike. Had I been there alone, I’d just have closed my eyes and picked one. Not dad.

He took his turns to hold each shoe and bend them this way and that way. And then, he knocked on the sole and twisted the tongue of the shoe (that’s where the laces are) while all the time I kept wondering what exactly was he trying to do. We were told by the salesman that the sole was vulcanized (whatever that meant) after which, dad asked the salesman something else I could not even comprehend (some technical thing perhaps). And then, I was asked to put on both the pairs and catwalk the passageway till I knew which one was more comfortable. I wish I could do a little jive before I could tell him. For truth be told, I hardly realized the difference. It is then that he himself tried on the shoes (we have the same feet size) and finally passed on his verdict after some 45 minutes of deciding between the two pairs.

It is then that I finally got to buy myself a pair of shoes. Thankfully.

I’ll tell you how it would have been with mom. She would have chosen the reebok one, and then I’d have told her that the nike ones looked better. And then she would have agreed on the nike ones and I’d have started having second thoughts. This would have happened for 10 more minutes before we would have made a random selection. Vulcanization be darned.

You see, ignorance is bliss. Sometimes the lesser you know about things, the easier it is to make a choice.



Sarvee said...

he he :D

if ignorance is a bliss, why arent more ppl happy given that the most common thing after hydrogen is ignorance n stoopidity.

**scratchin ma chin**

which ones did u go for finally, if may i ask

Scorpion King said...

Seems the son in law will have to pass "Shoe Test" ;).... Err " Agni parikhsha" and he should be well vulcanized and ignorant ;)
"To be continued..."

Scorpion King

Ginni said...

huh... A man is known by d quality of shoes he (buys)wears... cngrts 4 new shoes... get kickin...get jogging... bookin ur ticket 2 beijing in 08???

SID said...

Most men do a lot of research before they commit to buying something. What matters is that they should not be taken for a ride, no matter what the price.
Before it used to be the neighbourhood friends and relatives, he used to consult. Now with the internet, reading reviews and researching your new buy is so much easier.
I guess we are just not impulsive buyers like women out there.

whoami said...

take care not to put your dad in the same dilemma when chosing a daamaad !![:P]

Sudipta Chatterjee said...

FORTY-FIVE minutes for a pair of shoes!! But didn't the catwalk help? It usually settles matters for me: you can actually feel if the thing is good for you once you've taken a little stroll in them. Scary, anyway! :)

manish said...

Nice post :-)

sunshine said...

sarvee- nike.

scorpion king- haan ji, u r right.

ginni- he he. for viewing or for playing?

sid- exactly. at least i buy impulsively most of the times.

whoami- u think i shud help him out in that?

sudipta- getting cold feet already?

manish- hey thanx dear.