Saturday, July 15, 2006

My Daily Dose Of Laughter.

The 1st term exams are in full swing, and I have been especially busy setting papers, invigilating the examination halls, and not to mention, correcting answer scripts. Sometimes, correcting multiple bundles each consisting of 50 or more scripts becomes one hell of an arduous task. But then, you just have to read a few answers and you'll soon find yourself ROTFLYAO. For this is what happened to me when I was assigned to correct the Std. VI G.K. answers scripts. Here goes an assorted collection of the hilarious (and definitely wrong) answers.

Question: Who is the poet who has written "The Brook"?
Correct Answer: Lord Tennyson.
Answer(s) written: Kalidas, Tenny Lord, W.E.Yeast.

Question: Who is the Prime Minister of India?
Answer(s) written: He should not have murdered anybody, Man Mohan "Sing"

Question: Who had written the song Vande Mataram?Correct Answer: Bankim Chandra Chattopadhyay.
Answer(s) written: Bumpkin Chandra Chattopadhyay.

Question: The pink city of India.Correct Answer: Jaipur.
Answer(s) written: Kolkata.

Question: The white continent.Correct Answer: Antarctica.
Answer(s) written: Asia.

Question: ESPN stands for?Correct Answer: Entertainment Sports Programming Network.
Answer(s) written: Entertainment Sports Production Network, Entertainment Sports Peculiar News.

Question: The grandchild of the first PM of India was a PM himself. Who was he?
Answer(s) written: R.N.Tagore, Rahul Mahajan.

Question: This is an extinct bird.Correct Answer: Bald Ibis.
Answer(s) written: Bald idlis.

Question: The full form of LPG.Correct Answer: Liquid Petroleum Gas.
Answer(s) written: Long Petroleum Gas.

Question: www stands for?Correct Answer: world wide web.
Answer(s) written: world wild web (err… how wild?).

Question: The national tree of India.Correct Answer: Banyan tree.
Answer(s) written: Cactus.

Question: The author of the Harry Potter series.Correct Answer: J.K.Rowling.
Answer(s) written: J.K.Roland, J.K.Rolling, J.K.Howling.

Question: IMF stands for--Correct Answer: International Monetary Fund.
Answer(s) written: International Memory Fund, Internal Municipal Fracture.

Question: The author of the novel "Devdas"Correct Answer: Sarat Chandra Chattopadhyay.
Answer(s) written: Yash Johar (ahem!!!).

Question: The real name of Munshi Premchand.Correct Answer: Dhanpatrai Srivastav.
Answer(s) written: Munshiram Premchand Gandhi.

Question: This flower is also called the “Lion’s Tooth”.Correct Answer: Dandelion.
Answer(s) written: Daddy Lion.



SH D said...

Hi Sunshine. I have been reading your blog for quiet a long time. But never did comment. You write very well, or should I say that you speak too loud?

For the first time I saw there were no comments so just thought of doing it at the right time. Keep Smiling just the way u r in the picture.

~Nayan~ said...

Give me a break ...
asking these types of Q...:O:O:O
Question: The real name of Munshi Premchand.
Correct Answer: Dhanpatrai Srivastav.
Answer(s) written: Munshiram Premchand Gandhi.
kuch to reham karo bacho par...

Sayesha said...


HAHAHAHA! This was the best!!

Hilarious post!! :D

Scorpion King said...

So Sunshine is new Teacher , no doubt the Kids are shining ;)

Feel Free to Send Maths paper to me..

GK paper was really tough .It was not GK at all .There should hav been more questions on Bollywood and cricket..

Scorpion king

Abhi said...

haha !! I can imagine what their teacher is like .

Question: How much is 30/7?
Correct Answer: Nahi pata to thappad , ghoonsa , kick .
Answer(s) spoken: Umm...well..ahem...

DeePDiveR said...

LPG = Liquid Petroleum Gas or Liquified Petroleum Gas??? Sorry for that ;)

Sudipta Chatterjee said...

You missed the obvious!

These fellas must have been shouting answers to each other in the hall.. so what you get is what you hear! :D

P.S.- Are you also invigilating? :D

divya said...

daddy lion!!thats the best. actually, i didnt know the answers to atleast 3 of those questions:(

gigo said...

LPG is Liquified petroleum gas.

strangequark said...

ha ha ha.....
lovely.....i wish if u can really make an effort in physic math chen etc to put "the ans" on ur blogs :D