Monday, May 28, 2012

Day 1: Picture Imperfect

Beauty sometimes lies in the little imperfection of things around us. It is more of a philosophical thinking, and whenever I think of beauty and imperfection, I think of Shrek and Fiona. I think of the moon, with the craters. I think of the little blemishes that have marred my otherwise perfect life. I think of a little girl giggling, mindless that a few milk teeth are missing. I think of the wrinkles on my grandmother’s hands and face that make her so beautiful. I think of a progress report card of a genius with a few red lines indicating failed subjects.
Often, we have been programmed to believe that perfect is beautiful. Normal is nice. Aberrations are bad. We place nominal adjectives to a lot of things- Good, bad, ugly, beautiful, perfect, and imperfect. Who defines these parameters? Do they change with time and space? Is it more relative and less absolute? Is it okay to shun something because we do not believe in it, and embrace something because we believe in it? What is wrong with a few imperfections, a few failures, a few heartbreaks in life anyway?

This picture I took yesterday is testimony to the fact that beauty sometimes lies in the little imperfection of things around us. I was struggling to get some shots of flying birds from a ferry that was in motion, undulating and wobbling as it made its way along the Atlantic Ocean. The birds would fly in a group, often parallel to the ferry, and at the same speed. This would make you think that the birds were not really in motion, but were suspended mid-air. They were perhaps seagulls with a red beak, I am not so good at identifying birds. So I zoomed in against the western sky with the setting sun, trying to get some shots of the birds. If you see the picture closely, one would think that it would look perfect if a part of the left wing of the bird was not missing. I instantly fell in love with this picture. Do not miss the golden glow at the tip of the right wing.