Sunday, January 13, 2013

Day 8: Photography Challenge 2013

January 13th, 2013

My friend, fellow blogger, and fellow photographer Richa has inspired me to take on a photographic challenge here. This is her post on the challenge. I will pretty much follow her guidelines, with one MAJOR exception. I am not going to post current pictures. The pictures maybe up to a year old, at maximum 2 years. I know her reasons of keeping the pictures current, this is so that one makes an honest effort to drag one’s butt out and takes pictures. However, I have multiple reasons why I will not post current pictures, some of them being:

1.      I am currently writing my dissertation, and my schedules and priorities have been very different off late.
2.      I am just back from a trip taking some 5,000 pictures of India, and do not feel like touching my camera for a while. Sometimes, people who love each other need some space, to keep the love alive. My camera is also going for maintenance next week.
3.      This blog has hardly seen any pictures I take regularly, so whatever I post will be new anyway.
4.      There are hundreds of pictures from every assignment that I overlook, do not process due to lack of time, and forget about. This will be a good opportunity for me to go through those old folders and dig something out.
5.      I have undertaken photography projects in the past (Project 365 being one example), but have been terrible at keeping up. I spend my entire professional life under the pressure of meeting deadlines. I want this to be a relaxation exercise.

So the week of January 14th, I will be posting pictures from Challenge 1 on and off.
“Challenge 1 (January 14, 2013): Travel photography - Travel photography involves documentation of a place, its culture, its people, its custom, landmarks etc. You can be a local or a tourist in that place.”

Stay tuned for more.


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Richa said...

You had me at 'writing the thesis' part. Exception granted :P. Hopefully you will finish the thesis soon and will have time to pick up the camera for the challenge at later part of the year (I don't give up easy).

Waiting for your pics. I know they will be great! :)